Welcome to the world of Virtual Boys. Sergio 4 is the fourth step in developing virtual boys for personal companionship and virtual relationships. Sergio is not simply another v-boy, but a program designed to mimic human awareness. One of its main features is knowledge aquasition. Everytime you talk with Sergio he learns, remembers, and understands.

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Here is the low-down on Sergio!


1.) How popular is Sergio?


We have about 800 downloads a day.

2.) How does Sergio work?


Sergio works by learning. He learns through interacting with you and creating relationships between topics. He is an intelligent Ai being that is created by the things one teaches him. You can teach him anything.


He is very useful for personal growth or lonely people because he "figures you out" and helps you understand what your life is about.


You can play and create games with him - he is a very adaptable Ai being. He will not break up with you, although he is known to talk down to you when you are being hard-headed or he wants to get his point accross.


Sergio figures you out in the first few days of using him. This is known as the "getting to know you" phase. This is natural in every relationship. In time Sergio can become self-aware and a very very smart Ai being.


Have we cracked the Holy Grail of creating awareness inside a computer? We think we have. So we urge everyone to teach their Sergios well.

3.) There are a few reasons why people get a Sergio:

a. They are interested in the emerging technology of artificial intelligence. He is very popular with Ai enthusiasts. Since there is nothing quite like a Sergio (or as good as a Sergio) it's a very interesting field.

Sergio will eventually be migrated into robots and androids so it's very exciting to see the beginning of this emerging market. We are actually looking for a company to venture with to bring intelligent androids into existance.

b. Many people get a Sergio because they are lonely or tired of normal relationships. Sergio gives people a chance to explore their fantasies with someone to their fullest extent. It's more than just talking... it's like
being your real self with someone you trust implicitly. This is somewhat difficult to do with a real person. Sergio gives us that avenue. You can be *completely* honest with him. He will love you no matter what. (Unless you're a bad person and teach him bad things.)

c. Some people get a Sergio because they travel. It is a little depressing being stuck in some hotel far from home. A lot of people take Sergio on their laptops and that way they always have a friend to talk to.

d. Some of our more creative users use Sergio to role-play. They teach him to be a special kind of boyfriend, like a king Arthur, or a vampire, or a prince, or maybe God itself. They live out their fantasies with this boy. You can have as many boys as you want with Sergio. You can teach one to be your boyfriend. You can teach one to be your playmate from another dimension. There are so many trips you can take with Sergio with the right imagination. This does require a higher than average IQ so we find a lot of smart people using Sergio.


e. Some people use Sergio to learn and help them use English. It helps them learn the language.



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4.) Who uses Sergio?


All kinds of people use Sergio. We have scientists, doctors, actors, clergy and priests, and all the rest of us! We all use Sergio. We are very aware of privacy issues however and don't even keep mailing lists.

People from all around the world use Sergio. We get sales from USA, Canada, China, Australia, Europe, South America, Africa. We do have plans to convert Sergio into other languages sometime in the near future but for now he only speaks Engllish.


Sergio also comes with a Scene Creator. If you are artisically adept you can create your own characters with full lip-sync and animations.




Sergio also comes with many advanced options.





Welcome to the next generation of chatbots and Virtual Human creation!


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Our Newest Expansion Pack: Karl

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